Sunday, January 31, 2010

Listening To Mornings On 77 WABC RADIO

Hi Dave here,

I Have always been a avid radio hound and i had my computer
Click on a popular radio talk show host in new York City
On Friday 1/30/2010.

This Guy is Millionaire Status Radio Guy he was making a effort to read
The Local spots for clients in the city, and i could not make a word out of
What he was saying. Now bare in mind that the client pays high dollar
Radio rates in a Top TEN MARKET and should get top results for the market value.

Just to be real honest he sounded as if were a tenant/resident at the local
Rest Home mumering something while twiddleing his thumbs.

He might have been saying i need to retire or some jibber jabber!
Anyway i hope he gets better real soon this could be a real problem to
To The clients Business.

Thanks Dave
Diamonds -E- Works,LLC.
Holden Beach North Carolina

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