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Hi Dj Diamond Here,

My Professional Wedding Guide was created to give instruction's for a Committed Dj, Banquet Facility Manager, and or/ Master of Ceremonies & New Brides to be. After reading the topics covered in this Newsletter, You will Gain Professionalism and confidence in my product.

Thank's for your time,
Dave Diamond

Two simple words with a Life of meaning.

This is the most memorable time of your life

Celebrate it in truly Grande style !

Good Luck


Enjoy My FREE Wedding Tips !

_ Announce your engagement.

_ Select your wedding date.

_ Meet with clergy to discuss premarital

requirements such as classes, counseling, etc.

_ Create a budget.

_ Determine style of wedding.

_Select your bridal party.

_Determine size of guest list.

_ Select and reserve locations for wedding

And reception.

_ Begin shopping for wedding rings.

_ Interview and select professionals to assist you :

Caterer , baker, florist, musicians, photographer,

Videographer, etc. Remember top Professionals

are often booked a year more in advance.

_ Decide on your color scheme.

_Select your gown,headpiece and accessories

_Choose attire attendants.

_Begin planning details of ceremony and reception.

_Complete arrangements with service professionals.

_ Sign contracts and pay deposits.

_ Begin your health and beauty regimen.

_ Make appointments with beauty professionals to

Decide on the perfect bridal look for you.

_ Order invitations, announcements, thank you notes, and stationary.

_ Finalize guest list.

_ See that all the wedding attire is ordered and fittings scheduled.

_ Mothers should select their dresses.

_ Select and order wedding rings.

_ Shop for trousseau.

_Select bridal registry.

_ Arrange accommodations for - out - of town guest.

_Make honeymoon arrangements.

_Begin addressing invitations and announcements

once received.

_ Have a hair and makeup " rehearsal" with

head piece in place.

My Wedding Guide Index :

Procedure, Protocol and Etiquette Techniques

Countdown Time

The Day for the Bride

Catering Business and Halls

Greeting the Bride and Groom Assisting the Photographer

Formal Session of Photography

Receiving Line's

Having the Toast Ready

Scene Dressing

Cutting of the Cake

Serving the Cake

Bridal Party

Limo Service's

Photography Interval

DJ's MC's and Bands

Wedding Reception Halls
Events That Are Less Formal

Very Formal Weddings

Weddings in the Great Outdoors & Receptions

Celebrations Activities:

The Dollar Dance

The English Toast

For Delightful Dj's & Bands

Fee's for Dj's and Professional Services

Discussion of the Reception

Prospect Meeting

Call Confirmation

Agenda for the Day Verifications

Wedding Party Instructions

Introductions of Dj;s and MC's


Guiding of Events During Receptions' :

High Lighting Garter And Bouquet Event

Forming a Reception Line:

Who will give the Blessing:

Who will do the toast :

Cake Cutting:

The Parents Dance

The Last Dance:

Worksheet introduction:

The Blessing:

Wedding Hall Notes:

Review Form of Wedding Hall:

Let's Party ~ music:

Play List:

Reception Music:

200 most Requested Party Songs a Dj must have in music Library


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